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Cornish cuck hello again here for those who have followed my history I am a man of 50 years (if this relationship does not exist) a 24 / 7 relationship with his slave life of 30 years old My wife was the use this site and others for over a year bustnow and has met with many children and affairs and has no symptoms, but two weeks ago announced ' I want a lover regular slave and a master of the' Lady of the search lovers of a sentence, they could see each other regularly, and could pick it up and make her happy (not an easy task). My penis is very small, and sometimes even daily in her cum 5 times a day with my fingers and toys or sometimes only have the language as she bustnow rides his cock desperately Hahn. After searching for a couple of nights I finally found her perfect man, stout, single, and could see he had a beautiful tail. They met a few days later for a drink and took immediately. On Saturday night, I called the owner soh that was coming to dinner, and I had to eat something on the way home to buy when at home relaxing in the tub was his lover. He gave me instructions on how to prepare dinner as I said, I finished the laundry. I'm with my home. Mistress finally came down the stairs in a black dress that looked impressive, I thought the socks and high heels, ' said he loves wow', 'stop and watch me fix a drink ', ' Yes ma'am,' he said. Now listen slave ' We will try as Sir and completely respectful to understand that the published works will be his new master,' 'God yes ma'am, ' I have always said, very hard. On July 30 I saw him watch the door, shook bustnow my hand, ' you have to bustnow be a slave,' I said yes, sir, ' I said. I took his coat and gave him a drink, sat on the couch next lady and kissed her passionately, I sat at his feet, and we chatted all, he was fine, I fixed dinner and served them all bustnow talk and little by little angry. retreated to the room while I did the dparishes have their glasses were full when I came to a living Lord had his hand touched the skirt lovers and their background, who had jerks cock and slowly, very thick, about 8 bustnow cm long, very impressive, even that is not were a small tail, would be paid. ' Well,' said the Lady, which is not bad looking and in good shape, why do I need a lover looked at me and smiled : 'I love my slave, and helps me completely, but it is a sub and that is good for everyday use, but I want a real man, and my needs, except that it must comply with a small tail ' out of slaves. 'I opened my jeans and took my cock ' oh you can see, ' he said, and they both laughed. you were caressing each other then ' has come on up bustnow to i want to fuck you ' yes ma'am, my favorite saying, of course, ' he said. It clean then up the stairs, the lady was lying in bed in sexy lingerie, who was bustnow kneeling between her legs and was finger fucking her'Now, slave, ' he said, 'This is what it is now my pussy is completely to understand:' Yes, sir ',' The cock will not go into it if you want to satisfy your lady finger is clear '' I am your master now, God yes sir, 'he said. ' help me off, so you can enjoy them, 'I have to help take your underwear, ' are now in the corner and wait until I need ' I stood in the corner and saw him they did away with his thick fingers, then went to her and licked her clit to another great orgasm. he called me and said I'll be playing with her nipples with her clit I did and it was very difficult for them to seek again, he rose and took his clothes from his body to bustnow play, had a great body, very muscular, big arms and shoulders and his cock very well . said, take your dick and put it in the mouth of her lover, but I grabbed it, I would put it in Herrin, said: 'I'd rather kiss you honey that you suck slaveWhile ' She took my head and pushed him in the queue 'and the slave suck me ' i put my mouth around his penis and sucked it for ages woman kissed him and play with her ​​nipples, he slid his cock right in my mouth almost suffocated. Then he took the head of the queue, ' slave fever condom ' I have a condom and put it to him. ' kneeling slave and see, although I must fuck your wife like a real man . ' I saw back on the pillow and pushed his cock as he complained it pushed into the drive, which began to catch up with long slow strokes faster and faster until he had a great orgasm, he pulled his cock it was brilliant, ' you can lick the juices of the slaves,' I did eagerly sent Mistresses body joked with his tongue and fingers, could annoy the nipples again, he said, 'Baby all please fours. 'Lover turned on all fours and got behind it, I've always liked her ass, her big, round and veryhot. then lost bustnow easily slid his cock and started humping her hips while still holding fucked harder and harder, her pussy slammed eggs, the bustnow mother had a massive orgasm with two running at the same time, put the cock that the condom was filled with his semen, making slaves and clean me up ', who took the condom and came to the tissues,' 'what the fuck are you doing with that child language with the language ' I ran my tongue up and down his cock cum lick all the salt licked the end of it until everything was gone. He lay beside her mistress, and cuddled and talked, I was off the lover and 'ah, she said that my life is perfect now,' Sir lie had a broad smile on his face and I felt very happy and privileged to be allowed to be in your bed.
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